Yng Arms


YNG Arms started to direct the sector in 2012 with its long years of experience.

This company is revolutionizing the shotgun industry with its cutting-edge designs and superior craftsmanship.
It was established to produce the best hunting rifles in the industry and to deliver quality products to the user. YNG ARMS, its expert team of staff and designers work tirelessly to create hunting rifles that are not only functional and reliable, but also aesthetically pleasing.
One of the most important elements that distinguishes YNG Company from other shotgun manufacturers is the use of advanced materials and technologies. The company uses the latest manufacturing techniques and machinery to produce the highest quality shotguns.
The YNG ARM has been designed with shooters in mind and provides excellent ergonomics and comfort. Our brand, which started its journey with semi-automatic shotguns, continues its product activities with the production of pump shotguns, shotguns, bullpups and revolvers.
With its innovation and quality, YNG ARMS sets the standards for shotgun production with the latest designs, advanced materials and technologies, and quality commitment in the shotgun industry.